Creative Writing

Need a Creative Writer?

Our creative writing packages are designed to help you get the most out of your time and money. We can help with everything from basic editing to creating a full-length novel, and we've got a range of options that will fit your budget and schedule.

We offer three different types of packages:

1. Editing package: With this package, we'll do everything from basic proofreading to more comprehensive editing services. We'll make sure your manuscript is clean, clear, and error-free—and then we'll polish it up so that it shines!

2. Proofreading package: This option is perfect for authors who want to go over their own work before submitting to agents or publishers. It's not quite as thorough as the editing package because it doesn't include developmental edits or structural changes; instead, it focuses on grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, formatting, etc.

3. Ghostwriting package: If you're looking for something more than just an editor or a proofreader but less than a full-blown ghostwriter (who would write the entire book), this is the option for you! We'll create content based on information provided by our clients including outlines or worksheets if they have any ideas already.

Bronze Package

✍️ 1-3 creative writing services 

Silver Package

✍️ 4-6 creative writing services

Gold Package

✍️ 7-9 creative writing services

Premium Package

✍️10+ creative writing services


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